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with love and whole food

Almonds According to Ayurveda

Ayurveda considers almonds the most valuable of all nuts, being used as a restorative, tonifier, nutritive and nerve tonic useful for building Ojas. Ayurveda also advises not eating the skin of the almond because it may irritate the gut lining, and avoiding almonds that are blanched in hot water. To remove the skins and to begin the germination process of the almonds, soak them overnight and peel in the morning. Best for Vatas raw and relatively tridoshic in moderation when soaked. Healing properties: warm, heavy and oily qualities. Relieves stagnant chi, transforms phlegm, alleviates coughs, and lubricates the intestines. Used for lung conditions including coughing and asthma...

Cook with the seasons!

Often, when there is a sudden shift in weather, our body will manifest signs of adjusting to this change. You might notice sudden congestion, fatigue, head-ache or flu-like symptoms. Your doshas are simply responding to the shift in balance, seeking health. No need to panic! Think back to how you’ve  been eating and living, look at the changes and adjust yourself accordingly. This time of year, Kapha is predominant, cold, wet weather, congestion, heaviness. You can tend to your Kapha right now, more than you usually would by eating warm, fresh foods. To get a little more specific, you can use more pungent ginger to...

Onion Family: Basic Healing Properties

All members of the onion family share certain key qualities: they are pungent and influence the lungs and they promote warmth and thus move energy in the body, resolve blood stagnancies, reduce clotting, and expel coldness. They are perhaps the richest foods in sulfur, a warming element that purifies the body, helps remove heavy metals and parasites, and facilitates proteinlamino acid metabolism. Thus, those on a high-protein diet can benefit from the onion family. These plants also clean the arteries and retard the growth of viruses, yeasts, ferments, and other pathogenic organisms often proliferating in those eating unbalanced diets. In spite of their medicinal virtue, these...

Want Some Wholistically Healthy News?

Recently we have been proud to be featured by some amazing Perth bloggers that we just love! The lovely Nadine from The Essentialist follows a pescetarian diet and loves entertaining, but doesn't love cooking. She'd much rather be with her guests than stuck in the kitchen! Nadine has been blogging for years about fashion and lifestyle and we just knew our products would suit her busy days working full time and fulfilling her blogging commitments. Plus we knew that her meat-eating partner would also be completely satisfied with our meals too! Her favourite dishes were our Eggplant Involtini, Pumpkin, Corn and...

Introducing the Nightshade Family!

The beloved potato, tomato, eggplant, capsicum and chilli peppers belong to the nightshade family whose primary toxin is solanine, an alkaloid which can been known to produce diarrhea, heart failure, headache, and vomiting. Extreme reactions are rare but do occur in instances in which an allergic or otherwise very sensitive individual overindulges. Those who are sensitive may notice an expanded and light feeling several hours after eating the nightshades; they may also find it more difficult to focus mentally. The expansive effect can be beneficial for those who become tense from work, stress, or activity which takes great concentration, provided one has no other reaction to these...