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** Min order $80. Please check the delivery map. If you’re area is outside the delivery zone and you mistakenly place an order. You can collect from our kitchen in Osborne Park. Refunds are not possible for this event.

What our customers say

I am a convert!!! After trying several vegetarian meals around Perth, I can safely say Wholistically Healthy is in a league of its own. Renee’s food is so clean and tasty!!! Its comforting to know I’m eating food made by a lady who is devoted to her craft. I’ve battled unhealthy food for years. Now I have learnt that food that is good for you CAN taste amazing. Thank you Renee.
- Kara

Without even noticing, Wholistically Healthy has made me the target of some serious lunch envy! Renee’s food fits perfectly for my busy schedule, tastes great, is perfectly portioned and seems to be attracting plenty of comments that I am loooooking good! Why would I ever cook for one again?
- Brooke

When you get to meet Renee, you will quickly discover how vibrantly passionate and deliciously wholesome she is. With years of eclectic culinary expression as a foundation, she now combines nutritional wisdom and flavours from the east with fresh local produce and personally delivers it to our western doorsteps via Wholistically Healthy – Truly a gift.
- David

The food from Wholistically Healthy is literally out of this world. Getting my delivery from Renee is my favourite time of the week, I love the convenience and the fact it is actually good for me is even better!
- Kim

The meals from Wholistically Healthy are AMAZING!! With a fantastic variety of vegan options and great flavours in each dish, you forget that the food is super nutritious!!
- Natalie

We just have to write this review while the taste is still fresh in our mouths. WOW just WOW! Renee’s food blew us away! It was everything we asked for yet even more. Every dish was filled with colour, flavor and so much love it was no wonder that there wasn’t a plate of food left by the end of the night. We have had everyone at the wedding compliment the catering and secretly tell us that they went for seconds and thirds topping up their plates as the food was just so sublime! One of the most important things about the wedding for us was the food and Renee was the star ensuring that every person there was filled with only the best! Everything went smoothly and on time and at almost a week later we are still receiving messages about how amazingly delicious it all was! From the bottom of our hearts we would like to say thank you Renee.. thank you for putting all your love into our wedding through every dish you prepared, it went up and beyond our already high expectations and i only wish that more functions are lucky enough to have you attend.
- Sophie & Sander

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