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How to Feel Better Instantly: 5 Ways Exercise Will Improve Your Life Right Now

We know, we know. You don’t need to feel guiltier about the amount you exercise, but we thought it might be helpful focusing on the benefits exercise has on the mind, rather than the body.   A 2006 study stated that exercise reduces anxiety, depression and negative mood by improving self-esteem and cognitive function, in other words, you won’t just be happier after exercise, but your brain will work better.   Much like the philosophy behind our food is about helping you achieve your highest potential – mind, body and soul – our view of exercise the same. Staying active...

Life Force Food: How Eating is Personal

  Being healthy should be simple, but because we’re bombarded with so many solutions ­to our declining health – diets, meal replacements, exercise fads ­­– it's complicated. We don’t know what’s right anymore. On top of this, we’re time poor. So even if we decide on the meals we think are good for us, we don’t have time to prepare them.   Enter Home Food Deliveries Gone were the days when the local Maccas drive-thru was the only solution to a quick dinner. Food delivery services are a way for busy people to eat healthy. They’ve taken the load off...

5 Ways to Begin Your Spiritual Journey

The word spirituality gets thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean? Do you have to believe in a god to be spiritual? Is spirituality an epic pursuit? Are your friends who do yoga three times a week more spiritual than you? No, no, and not necessarily.   Galan Watts, a Cultural Studies Ph.D candidate at Queens University in Canada has been researching millennial attitudes towards spirituality. He found that when people call themselves spiritual these days, they generally mean that they: * Believe there’s more to the world than the material­ (what we can see and hold...

5 Spice Rack Staples for a Novice Chef

You know that friend with the natural knack for cooking? The one with row after row of labeled spices in their kitchen? They know exactly what spice to throw into each and every elaborate dish without even looking at a recipe.   Sure, seasoning with salt and pepper is easy. But for us novice chefs, cooking with spices can be a little daunting, especially when you’re still trying to perfect how much chilli to add to your favourite Spaghetti Bolognese recipe.   We know it's tempting to buy hundreds of spices and try to manage them all, but you could...

Work-Life Balance: How to Avoid Burnout

You wake up after a full night’s sleep, and you’re exhausted. The day ahead is overwhelming, and Friday couldn’t come sooner. Sound familiar? You might be burned out. We give you tips at achieving a better work-life balance.