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Plant-Based vs. Meat-Eater: What's Healthier?

The days of meat and three veg are long gone. Veganism, once deemed radical, is now commonplace. Plant-based diets are getting more traction than ever before, and not just on Instagram. Official stats reveal meat-loving Aussies have thrown their steaks off the BBQ, and gone for what’s growing in the backyard.  It’s all in the vegetables It’s no secret veggies are good for us, but studies show that cutting meat out of the diet can be even better for our health, lowering the risk of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Why the drop in deadly lifestyle diseases? Fruits, vegetables,...

A New Chapter In The Wholistically Healthy Mission

Wholistically Healthy is excited to announce a new chapter in our mission of making healthy taste good for the people of Perth! Studying Ayurveda in India gave Renee a great understanding of the link between body and mind, and how to heal the body with food. However, knowing and doing are two different things, and through her own experience of breaking self-destructive habits, Renee learned that creating a healthy lifestyle is not an overnight thing. Years of substance abuse and lack of self care took time to heal, and nourishing her body with plant based, high life force food was...

Getting To Know Renee

Get to know Renee, owner and founder of Wholistically Healthy on her mission is to make healthy taste good! What Are You Passionate About Right Now? Helping busy people to raise their vibration by eating clean, high life force energy food that makes them feel good. To give people more time to do what they love the most because they have the energy and the time to do it. Knowing that they are nourishing themselves from the inside out with our clean food. What Inspired You To Live Healthy? Since I was 13 until 32, I always WANTED to live healthy,...

Ayurvedic Cold Fighting Tea

It acts as an expectorant to dry out and warm your chest and body to heat your body and expel the bugs from the inside out.  You may experience hot flushes, sweat and go to the loo to do number two a couple of times. Don't stress! This is a good thing, its the tea working its magic, by helping your boy rid itself of yuckiness. Ingredients: Thumbsize knob of Ginger, skin on, cut into tiny chunks 3 x lemon slices rind and all Apple peel - must be the peel. The peel is drying in nature and helps to...

Improving your Mood with Food

We all know the effect that food can have on us, from our waistlines to our bones, it has power over such significant aspects of our lives. This week, we’re discussing how food can affect our moods. We’re passionate about living life to fullest in the most positive, energetic way as possible, so we want to make sure that our moods are always ready to keep up with us. We decided to share with you our best tips for managing your mood with food! Don’t Skip Meals The act of eating itself is such an incredible experience, why would you...