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5 Spice Rack Staples for a Novice Chef

You know that friend with the natural knack for cooking? The one with row after row of labeled spices in their kitchen? They know exactly what spice to throw into each and every elaborate dish without even looking at a recipe.  Sure, seasoning with salt and pepper is easy. But for us novice chefs, cooking with spices can be a little daunting, especially when you’re still trying to perfect how much chilli to add to your favourite Spaghetti Bolognese recipe.  We know it's tempting to buy hundreds of spices and try to manage them all, but you could risk becoming...

Work-Life Balance: How to Avoid Burnout

You wake up after a full night’s sleep, and you’re exhausted. The day ahead is overwhelming, and Friday couldn’t come sooner. Sound familiar? You might be burned out. We give you tips at achieving a better work-life balance.

Chocolate Beetroot Cake | Gluten-Free/Sugar-Free/Dairy-Free

Gluten-free? Tick. Sugar-free­­? Tick. Dairy-free? Tick. No matter who’s sitting at your dinner table, they’ll be able to get their mouths around this delicious Chocolate Beetroot Cake. Healthy and wholesome food is what we’re all about at Wholistically Healthy, but we also love dessert­–enjoying life’s pleasures is part of a healthy balance, after all. When developing dessert recipes, we want full flavour without compromising on our food ethics. We also believe that just because you happen to have a dietary requirement, doesn't mean you should miss out on dessert. Back before Wholistically Healthy was born, our founder Renee worked as...

Seasonal Eating: The Benefits of Root Vegetables

At Wholistically Healthy we believe–to have a healthy mind, we need a healthy body, to have a healthy body, we need a healthy mind­–adjusting our eating habits according to the season is an important part of this balance.  As the weather cools down leading up to autumn, the Ayurvedic season of “Vata” begins­. Vata is cold, dry, light, clear and moving­­–put simply, there’s a change of energy. If we're sensitive to seasonal changes, we may find ourselves losing balance. This may show up as a low mood, sluggishness and demotivation, as well as gravitating towards starchy and sugary foods to...

How Mindfulness Can Change Your Eating Behaviour

Find yourself grabbing a chocolate bar in the midst of a difficult day? Crave ice-cream after a bad date? Our moods have the ability to effect our food choices­–whether consciously or not. We could have the perfect meal plan at 7am, but when life gets in the way (as it inevitably does), our best intentions fly out the window. These patterns of behaviour can be hard to kick, but it is possible.   Mindfulness has been proven to do wonders for our mental health. It helps manage stress, increases productivity and concentration, as well as enables us to connect more...