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Our Mission

Our mission at Wholistically Healthy is to make healthy taste GOOD 

healthy taste goods healthy taste goods healthy taste goods

Our Perth home delivery service is designed to empower you to eat clean, deliciously satisfying plant based food. No more faffing around hunting obscure ingredients and preparing fiddly meals. We do all the hard work for you, so all you have to do is enjoy.

We want to help you raise your consciousness through eating healthy food, so you can focus on being the best you possible!

How it all started...

Leaving home at 13 marked an epoch of a dangerously colourful and crazy existence for Wholistically Healthy founder Renee. Years of substance abuse, thrill seeking and searching for something outside of herself to make her feel ok left Renee feeling totally lost.

In spite of the way she treated herself during this time, Renee always ate well. She became a vegetarian in her teens and instinctively knew food was very important. She was introduced to Ayurvedic principles in her early 20s and knew it was key, but was not yet able to implement this self-care in her own life.

Off the back of another monumental bender, Renee packed up and went to India in 2007, arriving in India with a plan: to learn Ayurveda and “find herself.” The chaos followed her and the drinking continued, but somehow Renee managed to complete her studies in Ayurveda. She spent best part of 3 years in the Himalayas studying and working on herself.

The thing is, knowing and doing are different things. Little by little, Renee’s knowledge of Ayurveda and nutrition moved from head to heart, and for the first time she was able to stop the substance abuse and move into a more nurturing, loving relationship with her self.

The concept of Wholistically Healthy is a part of Renee's journey from substance abuse to quests for  self-love and Ayurvedic studies in India. Our mission is to share the importance and relationship between food, mind and body.  Wholistically Healthy has brought Renee the gift of empowering people to eat high-energy, lovingly-prepared food.  

This is the essence of Wholistically Healthy: It doesn’t matter where you come from, or what you’ve been through, everyone deserves to be kind to themselves, and to nourish themselves – body and mind, heart and soul.

We hope to teach you, nurture you, and help you use your food as medicine to lighten up your mind. This is just the beginning.

To find out more about Renee, read our interview below:

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