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Will Veganism Be the Future?

People have the option to eat whatever diet they choose. However, it seems like more people are embracing veganism these days. A vegan diet means you don’t consume animal products, including dairy products and honey, because they come from living animals. With the rise of vegan restaurants, vegan products in grocery stores, and more people enjoying the vegan lifestyle, it may seem that the concept of veganism is taking over the world. So, will veganism be the future? The team at Wholistically Healthy opens the discussion on veganism today and where it could go in the future. Will the World...

The Perfect Protein Pancake Recipe

Have you ever met someone who didn’t like pancakes? There are many different ways to make pancakes, but unfortunately, not all recipes are nutritionally equal.

Diet Food Delivery: Healthy Options for Every Home Chef

Diet food delivery services are increasingly popular, and it comes as no surprise. In fact, Wholelistically Healthy can share several amazing benefits of this trend for dieters, exercise enthusiasts, and those who are tired of having to pluck meal ideas from thin air each day. An obvious advantage to subscribing to a diet food delivery service is the convenience of having delicious, nutritious meals sent straight to your door, but did you know that it also saves money? How have diet food delivery services made it easier to curate a healthy and balanced lifestyle? People struggling to keep on track...

Tips for Successful Food and Wine Pairings

While you can pair your favourite wine with any meal, that doesn’t mean you should. The right wine will complement your meal, while the wrong food and wine pairing can ruin a dish. Your dish should have balance, but many factors affect your final choices.