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Discovering Your Dosha

In case you need a refresher, Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu practice of medicine all about keeping balance between the body and mind, tailored unique for everyone individual person. You can find out more about Ayurveda here. But first, Yoga! Ayurveda and yoga may seem like separate ideas but they’re actually deeply entwined. To put it simply, Ayurveda is a science and yoga is the practice used to implement it. Yoga is a natural way of healing used to inspire positivity and understanding towards the self, society, environment and the universe. When these two ideas are combined, it makes for...


We get the opportunity to interact with some wonderful people as part of our day to day life at Wholistically Healthy - and we wanted to share some of the amazing folks we admire with you all! In this post we had a chat with Amelia Harvey! First up, tell us a little bit about yourself Hello! I’m Amelia and I’m a Life Coach. I guide women from inner critic to inner peace through my private coaching, blog, events, and online program. I teach women how to connect with their intuition and embody self love. What does your daily health...


We thought we'd share with you some of the great people we get to meet through Wholistically Healthy! Here's our first one, let us know what you think! First up, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do. My name is Kelly and I am the director of Picture of Health: Movement & Mindfulness. My career in this epic industry started with mobile personal training 5 years ago, and my brand has evolved over the years to include nutrition coaching, corporate wellness, pilates, and my new passion “Mindfulness Workshops and Coaching”. In 2015 I also started running Wellness...

Pass the Parsley!

A source of remarkable nutrition, parsley contains several times the vitamin C of citrus and is one of the higher sources of provitamin A, chlorophyll, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and iron. Good for Kapha, mildly imbalancing to Pitta and Vata.Parsley improves digestion and detoxifies the body. It also ripens measles to hasten recovery. Promotes urination and dries watery mucoid conditions. It's good for the treatment of obesity, mucus in the bladder, swollen glands and breasts, and stones in the bladder, kidney, or gall bladder. Parsley is effective for nearly all kidney and urinary difficulties, although not for cases of severe kidney inflammations (since it is warming). Parsley...


Called "auspicious fruit" in Sanskrit, coconut is slightly alkaline in nature. The coconut palm is found all along the tropical coasts and the saying: "He who plants a coconut tree plants vessels and clothing, food and drink, a habitation for himself and a heritage for his children" Holds true of this versatile fruit in many places where coconut grows. You can eat the flesh of the coconut fresh or dried, and also consume the oil, milk or cream or drink coconut water.It is the one nut that is particularly good for Pitta, being cool and moist, and when dried loses some of its heaviness. Coconut...