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From Inside Out

From Inside Out

We’ve given you some of our best Ayurveda tricks and tips to help you feel the very best on the inside but now it’s time to focus on the outside!

According to Ayurveda there are three different types of beauty.

Firstly there’s inner beauty, this is what we’ve been focusing on in our blog for the last few weeks by discussing topics such as stress relief and positive mental thinking.

Outer beauty is all about looking as good as you feel by taking the best possible care of yourself.

Finally there’s lasting beauty that will always stay with you throughout the years.

Ayurveda has plenty of great methods and ideas to make the most of each type of beauty, we’re going to be starting off with your outer by sharing our best tips to looking after your skin and hair.

The Skinny

Just like everything else in Ayurveda, it all comes back to your dosha, even your skin! If you want that ultimate soft, glowing feel to your skin, then you need to know your skin type and the best way to take care of it.

Vata Skin

Vata skins is usually light, dry and cool to the touch. When vata is out of balance, this can lead to excessive dryness and flakiness and conditions such as eczema. A possible cause of this is not retaining enough moisture. Luckily this is easily fixed! All you have to do is make sure that your drink enough water and get on to those sweet juicy fruits to also help out with moisture.

Pitta Skin

If you have fair, rosy skin then you’re definitely a pitta! Your skin is very tied to your emotion so it’s easy for it to become out of balance when you’re feeling especially sensitive. To calm your skin down, make sure to stay away from heat as pitta is related to the fire element. Make sure to avoid steamy facials, spicy foods and stay out of the sun when exercising.


Kaphas usually have skin which is characterised by thickness, oil which can eventually lead to pimples and blackheads when out of balance.  Cleansing is the key when it comes to kapha skin! Make sure to cleanse twice a day and avoid eating heavy and oily foods.

Hairway to Heaven

Caring for your hair is much simpler! Once you realise your skin, type your hair usually corresponds to the same type.

If you have vata skin, your hair may be slightly dry just like your skin! This means that you would wash it much less often than usual to preserve its natural oils. When dealing with pitta hair types, only wash your hair a moderate amount approximately 3-4 times a week. Take the opposite approach for kapha skin that should be washed as often as possible to get rid of any excess oils.

Some other useful tips to take care of your hair is to invest in a solid head massage routine with coconut oil and rely on the seasons to show you what’s best for you hair.

Love Yourself

You are beautiful inside and out! An extra boost for your skin or hair is a simple way to make yourself feel good. You deserve a treat and a little bit of pampering is always the way to go!


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