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Say Goodbye to Stress!

Say Goodbye to Stress!

Recently, we discussed the importance of keeping the mind healthy so the body can remain in balance too. In case you missed it, you can check it out here! Now that you know what it feels like for each dosha to be out of balance, this week we’re sharing our best tips to get you back into equilibrium.

We all have experienced stress throughout some point in our lives, it’s a natural reaction to external factors within our environment. When the body is under stress, the brain releases chemicals such as adrenaline to help deal with the sudden change. Usually stress doesn’t have to be a major problem, but when the stress is constant, the demand on the body can be too great to for a quick recovery. This can lead to major imbalance in life and even some long term effects such as aches and pains, depression, loss of focus, lack of sleep and digestive problems.

As always, Ayurveda is here to help! There are plenty of Ayurveda practices and rituals that can help minimise stress and leave you feeling cool and relaxed! It’s all about taking time for self care!

Slow Down!

It’s much easier said than done but If you want to get rid of stress in your life than you simply have to make time for it. The best way to tackle this task is one easy step at a time. Whether it’s taking time to sit and appreciate nature or sitting inside watching your favourite TV show, slowing down can make all the difference when dealing with stress in your life.

Oil Pulling

This is a very simple Ayurvedic practice that can have some amazing benefits! Oil pulling involves swishing an oil (some great ones to try are coconut and sunflower) inside your mouth for about twenty minutes before spitting it out. This powerful detox pulls the harmful bacteria from your mouth and relaxes your jaw, leaving your mouth feeling fresher and healthier than ever. You can find more tips on oil pulling here.


We’ve previously discussed how naysa can be a very important and beneficial practice in your morning routine. If you need a refresher you can check out our blog for other helpful routines here. Naysa can also be a great way to help reduce stress. By applying oil to your nasal passages, you are smoothing the delicate skin, improving your breathing and most importantly it can bring you mental clarity when dealing with intense stress.


According to Ayurveda, prana is the very essence of our life force that makes up every cell of who we are. Prana also brings energy and vitality to the body, the best way to stimulate this positivity is through pranamaya which are some yogic breathing exercises. We suggest practicing nadi shodhana pranamya which helps build up your ability to deal with stress in your life. Check out this helpful practice guide here.

Balanced Diet

We understand that you have so many responsibilities in your life, so why make cooking one of them? Let us take on some of your burden! We have many tasty and more importantly healthy options on our menu that can be delivered straight to your door so you don’t have to worry! Our range of plant based whole foods are perfect for pacifying your dosha and eliminating harmful processed foods from your diet. So what are you waiting for? Check out our menu here!


Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to avoid stress in life. Strict deadlines and some inconveniences will always find a way to pop and ruin your relaxing. Thankfully with these Ayurveda practices, you can make sure that you’re always taking care of yourself!


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