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Mind Your Mind

Mind Your Mind

With the school holidays finally here, it’s the perfect opportunity to take some time off for self-reflection. We understand how busy mothers can get during the day, taking on a variety of different roles including teacher, caregiver, chef and role model. With these responsibilities on your shoulders, it’s no wonder that sometimes you can feel slightly run down. This can even result in more physical symptoms such as headaches and colds. Ayurveda practice dictates that the mind can have a strong influence on the rest of your overall health. Therefore to get back to your energetic self, sometimes all it takes is a further look into your mind, body and spirit.

What makes every individual unique is their mental constitution. This is a combination of the three doshas, vata, kapha and pitta. A person’s mental constitution has the ability to change throughout time. However, unfortunately, sometimes this change isn’t necessarily for the best. This can lead to suffering, which according to Ayurveda is caused by an overuse of the senses and a lack of mindfulness. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to be mindful of others and bring your mental constitution back into balance.


Vata in balance can be absolutely wonderful! You’re full of creativity, intuition and natural understanding! However when vata is feeling out of balance, the symptoms are a lot less wonderful. Instability, anger and fear all become very prominent within the self. This is a direct result of working yourself too hard and over stressing.


Those with pitta as their dominant dosha can be incredibly insightful. As pitta is directly related to the grey matter brain, these individuals are also courageous, confident and enthusiastic. When there is too much excess heat energy within the body, this can lead to negative feelings of anger, hatred and frustration. This mental imbalance can also lead to physical symptoms such as live imbalance and intense focus.


Within the brain, this dosha is directly related to white matter and memory. When in balance love, compassion and loyalty are in excess. However when there is an excess of downward moving energy these positive feelings can instead show themselves as greed, possessiveness and stubbornness.


So now that we know how both mental balance and imbalance present themselves within doshas, how do we control it? Ayurveda offers a variety of different practices which can help you feel like your old self again! It’s all about self-reflection and keeping your mind pure and healthy. We’ve already discussed some of the ways in which you can achieve this balance. Check out our blog about the best yoga and diet to help balance your dosha here!

Ayurveda also suggests that routine is a great way to get back to improve your mental health! We have an excellent guide for morning routines that will give you a sense of peace and calmness. Check it out here!

We want you to live life to the fullest in any way possible! Now you have a break coming up as well, use that time wisely and explore your mind, body and spirit to the fullest. We also want to make your life easier in any way possible by delivering tasty and wholesome food straight to your door.

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