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Say Goodbye to Allergies!

Say Goodbye to Allergies!

Despite what that chill in the weather is still telling us, Spring is well and truly here! There are plenty of things to get excited about with the change of season, it’s time to get ready for sunnier days, bright displays of flowers and fresh in season fruits and vegetables such as avocados, berries, mandarins, oranges and passionfruit! However there is a slight catch for some people when it comes to Spring and that comes in the form of coughing, sneezing and watery eyes!

We are of course talking about that dreaded hay fever and allergies.

There are many different causes of allergies, they may be hereditary or be caused by a change in your external environment. By adapting some Ayurvedic practices, you can be feeling better in no time. Have you ever wondered why people experience hay fever or allergies differently? Why some people may get headaches while others find themselves with a nasty rash?

Well, it all comes back to your dosha! If you need a quick refresher about doshas, check out our previous yoga blog here. Depending on your dominant dosha, your hay fever symptoms and treatments can vary! As well as the usual treatments to allergies such as antihistamines and keeping indoors, Ayurveda has a much more individual approach to apply so you can be feeling better in no time! Check out some of our best tips based on your body type right here!


If vata is your dominant dosha, you may be experiencing some digestive discomfort such as bloating and abdominal pain, as well as the usual type of Spring symptoms including wheezing, headaches and sneezing. As vata is based from the air element, you may also experience some dryness when it’s out of balance. To be feeling at your very best during this season, make sure to keep warm and hydrated. Ginger tea is a great solution to this! A little pampering also goes a long way! Why not try some self-massage to fix up that joint pain?


Poor kaphas are usually the ones that are hit the hardest during Spring. Hay fever targets them with a number of uncomfortable symptoms such as coughing, congestion, runny nose, sinus infection and difficulty sleeping. We suggest keeping warm and trying out naysa. This is a practice which helps clear the nasal passage. All you have to do is, drop some invigorating, herb infused oil into your nasal passage way, this will build up a protective layer to keep allergens for irritating you further. As for diet, bitter herbs, ginger and cayenne pepper can help do wonders for pacifying kapha.


Luckily for pittas right now, their typical hay fever symptoms usually appear in the summer time. They can suffer from anything from rashes, burning eyes, headaches and inflammation. As Pitta represents the fire element, the best course of action is to keep cool! Increase the intake of cooling herbs such as coriander, and don’t forget to be generous with the aloe vera on any irritated skin! Try avoiding spicy foods, citrus and fermented foods until you find yourself back in balance!

After spending months confined to your home due to the dreary effects of Winter, you deserve to feel the sunshine!

Don’t let hay fever stop you! Now that you know the best Ayurveda practices for dealing with hay fever, you never have to dread Spring again!


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