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Self Massage, Self Love

Self Massage, Self Love

We all need a treat once in a while! Whether it’s a lovely bubble bath or a delicious rich snack like our red velvet cake, one thing is for sure, you definitely deserve it! Today we’re going to tell you about a whole new other way to treat yourself that is not only a fulfilling experience but great for your overall health too! We’re of course talking about massage! Now as nice as it would be to schedule an appointment at your favourite spa every week, it’s not always manageable.

Once again Ayurveda has the solution for all our pampering woes! Ayurveda self-massage is simple to carry out and most importantly can leave you feeling absolutely amazing!

Apart from the instant feelings of relaxation and pleasant weightlessness, there are some other incredible benefits that make Ayurveda self-massage so worth it! Ayurveda massage is all about abyhanga, this is a practice where you lovingly nourish your body with warm oils. Much like experiencing the wonders of love itself, abhyana can bring stability and warmth to your life.  As for your health, it can also stimulate your internal organs, improve circulation and eye sight, calm your nerves, help you sleep and increase your stamina.

Just like everything else in Ayurveda, abhyana revolves around your dosha! If your dosha is vata or kapha, it’s time to start stocking up on that sesame oil! It’s the perfect oil for vatas due to its warming properties but almond oil can also make a great substitute.  As for pittas, sunflower or coconut oil is definitely the way to go!

 Carrying out a abhyana routine is simple! Check out the steps right here:

  1. Warm your choice of oil - We suggest to use approximately ¼ of a cup of oil to slightly above body temperature.
  2. Start at the head - Using the palm of your hand, rather than the fingertips, vigorously rub your oil into the scalp.
  3. Move on to the face - Self massage can also have an amazing impact on reducing the appearance of aging. Therefore you should use some extra care and move your hands across your features in a circular motion, making sure to include your neck and ears.
  4. Love your limbs - Move back and forth across your arms and legs, while making sure to care for your joints by rubbing them in a circular motion.
  5. Next up is the chest and stomach - Move your hands in broad circular motions, running clockwise. When it comes to your abdomen, make sure to follow the path of your intestines. Start at the lower right hand side and move clockwise to cover the entire space.
  6. Finally feet - Give your feet some love and firmly rub up and down the soles to finish off your self-massage.

If you need a more visual demonstration, check out this great instructional video here!

This self-love practice checks all of our boxes! Make abhyana a part of your morning routine so you can treat yourself every day. You deserve it after all!


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