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What is Tofu really?

What is Tofu really?

Tofu is a processed soybean curd that originated in China thousands of years ago to improve the digestibility of the highly valued soybean. Making tofu is an involved process of soaking, blending, and cooking soybeans and mixing them with a natural solidifier (nigari or lemon juice). Some commercially made tofu is solidified with chemical nigari, alum, or vinegar and its quality is inferior.

Healing Properties according to Ayurveda: Tofu benefits the lungs and large intestine, moistens dry conditions in the body, relieves inflammation of the stomach, neutralizes toxins (often used in cases of alcoholism chronic amoebic dysentery, healing reactions, dietary changes) Tofu can be also applied to concussions as a thick poultice.

Have a try at our recipe: Salt and Pepper Tofu

Tofu is concentrated protein and can be beneficial when eaten in moderate amounts, especially in warmer weather and by those with heat signs; it is sometimes used to reduce heat signs accompanying heart disease and high blood pressure.

Tofu concentrated protein
For most people, it's yin, cooling quality needs to be altered by thorough cooking; adding warming spices such as ginger is particularly helpful for cold persons.

Tofu is quite versatile. Its subtle nature balances extreme flavours and adds
contrast to salty and pungent foods. It can be baked, steamed, grilled, sauteed, boiled, oreven eaten raw - ideally only when a person feels hot and dry.

Caution: Eating large amounts of tofu too regularly can be detrimental to your health



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    What are considered regular, large amounts of tofu?

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