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The Ultimate Ayurveda Guide to Digestion

The Ultimate Ayurveda Guide to Digestion

When it comes to digestion, many who study Ayurveda believe that it has a major impact on your overall health. It all comes down to your agni! This is a Sanskrit word that literally translates into fire.

We have multiple fires throughout our body, including one in the mind and another in the intestines. This fire (which is known as your Jathara agni)  is absolutely essential to understanding Ayurveda, every imbalance or feeling of unease can be traced right back to your agni. From preventing the build-up of toxins, improving intelligence and awareness and regulating your emotions, agni plays an integral part of making up our body and mind.

Now that you know how important agni is to keep your body well- functioning , we’re here to show you all of our best Ayurveda secrets to keeping your fire burning bright.

What You Eat

Well this is certainly our area of expertise! To support your natural digestive fire, your diet needs to be made up of light sattvic foods that help pacify your dosha. If you want to find out more about how the sattvic diet can improve your digestion, read our previous blog here. Our menu also consists of plenty of healthy plant based wholefoods that can not only help aid digestion but also taste absolutely amazing. Check out our menu here to discover your new favourite dishes!

How You Eat

It’s not just about what you eat, your actual eating patterns themselves can also have a major impact on your digestive system. Eating shouldn’t just be about fulfilling a basic human need, Ayurveda encourages everyone to fully pay attention to what you’re eating and enjoy the experience.

Make sure to have your largest meal at lunch as this is when your body releases the most digestive juices which prevent you from feeling sluggish and bloated, like you would when eating a large meal during the evening.  Sticking to a strong daily routine can also help out with regulating when you eat. Take a look at our previous blog about daily Ayurveda rituals to find out more!

Other simple tips to improve your eating experience also includes only eating when you’re hungry, eating appropriate amounts and waiting at least three to six hours in between each meal.

After Eating

Your experience with food shouldn’t just end with dessert. Keeping active before or after eating can have a great impact on your digestion! Whether it’s a short walk or a soothing yoga routine, the simple act of exercise can help your body recognise that it’s time for digestion and soothe the process.

Another great tip is to lie down on your left side after you’ve finished eating! This is a great way to activate energy and also help if you suffer from acid reflux.

If you want your body to remain in balance so you can feel your very best, you have to add fuel to the fire! All you have to do is follow these simple tips and your fire can burn bright and kick start the rest f your health systems.               


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