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Staying Balanced During Vata Season

Staying Balanced During Vata Season

Ayurveda is all about recognizing how our body is a reflection of nature’s rhythms. So in order to thrive, it’s crucial to shift diet and habits as the seasons shift. 

When it comes to the doshas, keeping vata balanced is the best thing you can do to support health in your body and mind, even if vata is not your primary dosha.

Yet in this fast paced age of vata-aggravating electronics, high speed travel and doing too much, many people only know the experience excess vata dosha. 

Take Care With Digestion.

When we eat at irregular times, our digestion gets super confused, it weakens, and we set ourselves up for digestive issues, toxicity, fatigue, mental instability and poor immunity. 

A general guideline:

Breakfast within 2 hours of waking

Lunch between 11am-1pm (largest meal of the day, with more fats and proteins)

Dinner by 7pm (lighter, plant-based meal)

Eat Warm.

Now is the time for soups and grounding ingredients. Avoid cold, dry, raw foods and instead have something warm, moist, and well-cooked like a curry, blended soup or roasted veggies - Feel free to browse our menu ;)

Drink Warm.

Warming liquids such as hot water and herbal teas help prevent dehydration. Give our Ayurvedic Cold Fighting Tea a try!

Keep It Covered.

Snuggle up in layers and rock those woolly sweaters. It’s especially important to cover your head and the back of your neck when going outside. Place a shawl or small blanket over the top of your head and ears in savasana and at night for warmth and to reduce mental activity.

Oil Up. 

Dry skin is a common complaint during vata season. Before or after bathing, morning or evening, take some time to massage warm sesame or almond oil onto your skin (including scalp, ears, nostrils and soles of your feet). Allow the oil to soak in for 10 minutes or so before washing it off.

Get Enough Sleep.

This is vital for Vatas, who tend to push themselves to the point of physical or mental exhaustion. Check out our blog about different ancient practices and remedies for sleep.

As you create a daily balancing routine that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit, you will find yourself feeling more energized and centered in the months to come.

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