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It's Detox Time!

It's Detox Time!

There’s nothing like a fresh start to celebrate the start of a new season! With Spring finally in the air, why not put a spring in your step with a detox?

The Ayurvedic Approach

In Ayurveda, we take a different approach to cleansing, instead of focusing on juices and raw foods, Ayurveda focuses on foods that are really easy for your body to digest.

You see, a healthy lifestyle starts with the digestive system. Your digestive health is dependent on the balance of "agni", or digestive fire, translated from Sanskrit. If your digestive system starts to become unbalanced, your body becomes much more susceptible to disease. When your digestive fire is strong, your mind is also clear, thus healping your body to fight of any nasties.

Kitchari & Mono-diets

Kitchari refers to the "Food of the Gods"

The purpose of a mono-diet of kitchari is to give the body just one thing that it has to digest. This means that there is just one thing for you to digest, giving your body a brand new rhythm to follow. Hitting the reset button your digestive system can lead to amazing benefits such as sleep regularity, increased energy, improved metabolism and balance to you dosha!

Ghee is a clarified butter. Meaning all of the milk solids and salts have been removed from them. Not only does it make an excellent ingredient for any Ayurveda cook due to its rich and nutty flavour, it also has incredible health benefits. For example, Ghee is tridoshic which means that it can balance kapha, vata and pitta! It can also help spark your digestive fire, improving the regularity of elimination.

Mung beans also play a very important role! What makes this bean so significant to Ayurveda, is that it’s the only vata pacifying legume around. They’re a great way to get more protein in your diet and maintain your blood sugar levels during your cleanse. Mung beans contain both soluble and insoluble fibres which clear your bowels of toxins.

Post Detox

Detoxes are a time for self-reflection! Not only is your body cleansed but so is your mind! While our detox has plenty of health benefits, it also brings clarity to your mind! It gives you awareness and appreciation to your body so you can bring some new-found positivity to the new season!

There’s also nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment when finishing a detox!


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