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Winter Skin

Winter Skin

If your skin has been dry lately, you’re not alone. Cold weather and dry indoor air (especially during lockdown) all conspire to suck the moisture out of skin during the winter months, leaving it dry, cracked, and scaly. And, lockdown or not, prolonged periods in the cozy indoors aren’t exactly helpful because humidity levels tend to be lacking there as well.

One should be very careful to keep their dosha in balance as vata (a combination of space and air elements) dominates during winters making the body dry. 

As odd as it may seem, Winter (Vata season) is actually the best time of year to nourish the skin.

Here are some winter skincare tips that can help you look after your skin:


The hot water strips moisture of the skin, including sebum, the skin’s natural oil that helps keep the hydration locked in. Try limiting your shower to under 10 minutes. 

Pat, don't rub, your skin dry, and moisturise while it's still damp to help your product penetrate.


A warm Ayurvedic oil massage before your bath or shower is an excellent method of hydrating the skin and improving circulation. This practice will lubricate and protect your skin, giving your complexion a radiant sheen that lasts throughout the day.


Sipping hot water throughout the day helps cleanse impurities from the body and improves digestion and elimination—and contributes to healthier skin. Try to avoid ice-cold drinks as these disrupt digestion. Drink at least 8 cups of hydrating fluids daily (including water).


Herbs with their natural properties of detoxification, moisturisation, nourishment and healing are very helpful during the winter season. 


Combat the cold weather with the below mentioned face packs loaded with the goodness of natural ingredients that hydrate and soothe dry skin, giving you a radiant glow throughout the winter season.

Fancy doing a beauty session at home? We’ve put together some DIY Ayurvedic Skincare recipes.

A good skin care regimen that keeps your Doshas in balance will automatically give you healthy, glowing skin irrespective of weather changes.

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