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Beetroot According to Ayurveda

A-Z of Vegetables according to Ayurveda, let’s take a look at the mighty beetroot! Beets are rich in silicone and folic acid, therefore they can be beneficial to the female reproductive system.Very good for Vata in small amounts; Pitta and Kapha can have in moderation. Healing properties: Strengthens the heart, improves circulation, purifies the blood, benefits the liver, promotes menstruation. Can also be used with carrots for hormone regulation during menopause (best in the form of juice for better absorption) Beets are also great for helping with constipation and treating haemorrhoids. Treats nervousness and congestion of the vascular system. Best...

A-Z of Ayurveda – A is for Asparagus!

In 2016 we’ll be bringing you the A-Z of vegetables from the perspective of Ayurveda – starting with Asparagus! Asparagus is one of the few foods that can be eaten by all doshas with no alteration. Asparagus contains the diuretic asparagine. Regions: kidneys, arteries, vascular systemEffects: aids kidney function, helps cleanse arteries, aids hypertension & arteriosclerosis.Uses: mild laxative, cardiac/nerve sedative, tonic, aphrodisiac and demulcent.Cautions: too much may irritate the kidneys We’d love to hear your feedback – if you have any questions leave us a comment or send us message on our Facebook page or Instagram any time!