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Improving your Mood with Food

Improving your Mood with Food

We all know the effect that food can have on us, from our waistlines to our bones, it has power over such significant aspects of our lives. This week, we’re discussing how food can affect our moods.

We’re passionate about living life to fullest in the most positive, energetic way as possible, so we want to make sure that our moods are always ready to keep up with us.

We decided to share with you our best tips for managing your mood with food!

Don’t Skip Meals

The act of eating itself is such an incredible experience, why would you ever want to skip a meal? By skipping meals, it makes it harder for food to be absorbed in the body when you do eventually eat. This also makes means that you’ll be left feeling empty and cranky and also much more likely to overeat at your next meal.

A good tip is to eat regularly and consistently at the same times throughout the day to maintain your blood sugar levels, for a great mood and continuous source of energy!

Drink Plenty of Water

A glass of water in your hand can make such a difference throughout the day! If you’re ever feeling tired, irritable or just plain cranky, think about how much water you’ve drank today - because you may be dehydrated!

Not only is water a great source of energy, you’ll find that after just a few quick sips your mood has drastically improved.

Soak Up some Vitamin D

We all know that Vitamin D is excellent for your bone health but it’s also great for your mood!

Make sure to soak up plenty of sunshine, which is the best source of Vitamin D and also incorporate vitamin D rich foods into your diet.

Stay Away from Sugar

Sugar is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to damaging your mood. When you eat too much sugar, it becomes difficult for the body to digest therefore it causes the growth of harmful bacteria.

So even though that block of chocolate may seem like a great idea at the time, not so much after when you’re feeling sick and cranky. We’ve all experience those sharp spikes of energy after eating sugar and that eventual slump of laziness and fatigue. So to avoid that unpleasant cycle, you have to avoid the sugar too!

Food is such an integral part of life, so use it to your advantage! When your diet is filled with fruits and vegetables, your mood and health will be drastically improved. 

Additionally a Protein Power Meal Pack can help reduce sugar intake as they make you feel fuller for longer.

So there's our 4 top tips to manage your mood with food! If you enjoyed it, make sure to sign up to our mailing list for more helpful tips and wellness information!


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