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Pass the Parsley!

Pass the Parsley!

A source of remarkable nutrition, parsley contains several times the vitamin C of citrus and is one of the higher sources of provitamin A, chlorophyll, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and iron.

Good for Kapha, mildly imbalancing to Pitta and Vata.

Parsley improves digestion and detoxifies the body. It also ripens measles to hasten recovery. Promotes urination and dries watery mucoid conditions.

It's good for the treatment of obesity, mucus in the bladder, swollen glands and breasts, and stones in the bladder, kidney, or gall bladder.

Parsley is effective for nearly all kidney and urinary difficulties, although not for cases of severe kidney inflammations (since it is warming). Parsley strengthens the adrenal glands and benefits the optic and brain nerves; it is also useful in the treatment of ear infections and earache.

Parsley counteracts halitosis (bad breath) and poor digestion, and has a refreshing green color, thus making it an exceptional garnish. 

Parsley tea strengthens the teeth and makes a face lotion to increase circulation and bring colour to the skin.

Caution: Parsley should not be used by nursing mothers since it dries up milk.

Dosage: For the internal applications above, drink 2-3 cups tea daily made from fresh or
dried parsley or eat 30-60gms of fresh parsley daily.

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