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Almonds According to Ayurveda

Almonds According to Ayurveda

Ayurveda considers almonds the most valuable of all nuts, being used as a restorative, tonifier, nutritive and nerve tonic useful for building Ojas.

Ayurveda also advises not eating the skin of the almond because it may irritate the gut lining, and avoiding almonds that are blanched in hot water.

To remove the skins and to begin the germination process of the almonds, soak them overnight and peel in the morning. Best for Vatas raw and relatively tridoshic in moderation when soaked.

Healing properties: warm, heavy and oily qualities. Relieves stagnant chi, transforms phlegm, alleviates coughs, and lubricates the intestines. Used for lung conditions including coughing and asthma and also helps in cases of fluid-dryness types of constipation.

For lung conditions, use almond milk.

Almond skin contains a bitter principle which, while not desirable for healthy individuals,
is actually beneficial for resolving moist lung conditions.


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