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A New Chapter In The Wholistically Healthy Mission

A New Chapter In The Wholistically Healthy Mission

Wholistically Healthy is excited to announce a new chapter in our mission of making healthy taste good for the people of Perth!

Wholistically Healthy MissionStudying Ayurveda in India gave Renee a great understanding of the link between body and mind, and how to heal the body with food. However, knowing and doing are two different things, and through her own experience of breaking self-destructive habits, Renee learned that creating a healthy lifestyle is not an overnight thing. Years of substance abuse and lack of self care took time to heal, and nourishing her body with plant based, high life force food was a big part of the process.

Renee started Wholistically Healthy to help people transition to a way of life that encourages healthy body, healthy mind. Her vegan and vegetarian meal delivery service took off, and demand for her food in retail stores meant the introduction of a retail line so customers can get clean food on the go.

Through talking with her clients, Renee found that while a vegetarian diet is the right fit for her, not everyone is so keen to give up eating meat entirely. For some of us, going from burgers and chips to vegan food is just too big a jump! Renee saw the need for a way of gently stepping people into a more plant-focused way of eating.

Coming back to her own journey, Renee reflected that her Ayurveda teachers did not impress an ideal upon her - rather, they met her where she was at.

So, going forward, Renee is meeting Perth’s omnivores where they are at. Her retail line will now offer meat options, although there’ll be heaps of veggies packed in there too! The vegan and vegetarian range will remain the biggest part of the Wholistically Healthy offering, as Renee continues to create exciting combos with her favourite food group - plants!

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