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5 Herbs for Healing: Ginger

5 Herbs for Healing: Ginger

This week we're talking about an all-time favourite herb of mine. Ginger provides valuable minerals and in my view, bridges the gap between diet and medicine! Renowned for its healing and cold-fighting benefits, ginger is known as a 'universal medicine' in Sanskrit, and is perhaps the most sattvic of all spices. As a seasoning, Ginger spans continents, finding its way far and wide through Thai, Indian, Chinese, and other Asian cuisines, and into western baked goods, ales, and sauces.



5 Herbs for Healing: Ginger

Did you know that approximately 60 percent of your body's energy goes to digestion? Ginger is an important aid in increasing your body's digestive fire (agni).  Improved digestion in turn improves your metabolism -  your body can digest food and absorb vitamins and minerals faster, which means it can then get on with using the extra energy it saved from the digestive process. You will also have less undigested food in your digestive tract; food consumes energy when left undigested.

What’s so good about ginger?

🌾 Increases digestive fire.

🌾 Aids blood circulation in winter.

🌾 Great remedy for coughs and colds.

🌾 Good for arthritic conditions.

🌾 Tonic to the heart.

🌾 Relieves gas and cramps in tummy.

🌾 Good for menstrual cramps.

🌾 Externally, it makes a great paste for pain and headaches.

 fresh Grate ginger

Joint pain: Grate ginger and crush into a paste with sesame seeds and honey. Mix with milk  and spread over the painful area. This paste is known as kalka in Ayurveda.

Cold and cough: Crush ginger, fresh basil and honey. Take 1 teaspoon orally 3 times a day.

Digestive aid: Make a tea with ginger, lemon and warm filtered water. Drink after food to help with digestion and removal of gas.

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x Renee

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