A-Z of Ayurveda: Dandelion

Usually considered a herb (or a weed!) dandelion, a common member of the sunflower family, is valuable as a vegetable too!

The leaves contain more vitamin A than almost any other vegetable. They are also high in potassium, which makes uncultivated (wild) greens
bitter to the taste, and makes them an exceptional vegetable for Pitta and Kapha. A tea of the leaves is an excellent drink for helping the liver and gall bladder, and also in cases of rheumatism and gout.

Dandelion is strongly diuretic, has liver cleansing properties, aids in the flow of bile, and stimulates the glands.

The root, usually used dry as a herb makes an exceptionally good juice in combination with carrot and is good for all jaundice, hepatitis, diabetes, edema, and breast problems.

Dandelion has mild tonic properties, and is useful for all heat conditions and skin problems caused by heat. It helps clear Ama from the body, and should be used cautiously by Vatas, if at all.

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