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5 Healthy Summer Snacks We Can't Put Down

5 Healthy Summer Snacks We Can't Put Down

It’s summer time! What we really need to get through the scorching heat and uplift our moods are some healthy, delicious snacks.

Although summer foods can be tempting, it’s also important to make healthy eating choices. And, when it comes to kids, eating nutritious foods during the summer can be difficult.

Choosing healthy summer snacks instead of summer treats like ice cream and soft drinks can help to prevent weight gain during the warmer months and keep us on track with our health goals.

There is no better time to kickstart some healthy eating habits.  We have compiled a list of five summer snacks that will leave you feeling energised and ready to beat the heat!


It’s summer time and time to break out that blender! There’s nothing better on a hot day than a big smoothie. A classic summer treat, smoothies present a lot of options for flavor – stretching from sweet and light to savory and hearty. To make the perfect smoothie, just blend the fruit of your choice with juice or your favourite milk. Add extra nutrients by tossing in washed spinach, chia seeds, hemp, flax seeds or protein powder.

Berry Binge

Together with the warmer weather, summer also brings some delicious seasonal fruits. Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, blackberries, and raspberries. Packed with fibre and nutrients, these summer fruits make a great snack on their own or mixed together in a refreshing fruit salad.

Pick up a few punnets at your local farmer’s market and store in a glass container to help them last longer in the fridge.

Stone fruit contains anthocyanins, chlorogenic acids, quercetins, and catechins, phenolic groups that work synergistically to combat inflammation in the body, along with lowering risk for obesity and diabetes. While, yes, you can make crisp and cobblers with stone fruit, and sure, you could put them in a salad.

No-Lettuce Salads

Leafy greens like lettuce usually make salads soggy. However, if you ditch them completely, you can still have a super delicious and nutritious mix of fruits and veggies. You can add a variety of hydrating veggies like cucumber, onion, green pepper, and tomatoes, with a dash of spices and olive oil for a flavourful lunch. Make sure to check out our blog 5 Ways to “Beef” Up Your Salad (and stay full for longer).

Crunchy Snacks

Many people believe crunchy snacks can satisfy their hunger or cravings better than anything else. If you like eating crunchy snacks, don’t reach for the unhealthy potato chips you bought at the grocery store. Try these other healthy alternatives instead:

  • Baked apple chips
  • Butterless and salt-free whole-grain popcorn
  • Baked sweet potato chips
  • Kale chips
  • Baked banana chips
  • Whole-grain crackers
  • Cucumbers or carrots dipped in hummus

The great part about these snacks is you can easily make them at home and flavour them how you want for a great-tasting treat.

Snacks by WHLY

You can devour our fresh, house made Superfood Banana Bread— You'll go absolutely bananas for this dreamy superfood bread! There’s nothing better than a moist slice of banana bread in the morning to start your day! To satisfy every midday and late-night snack attack.

Don’t forget our other raw treats and desserts! Look for them on our menu page each week.

By choosing a healthy snack between meals like the ones listed above, you can stay on track with your fitness goals this summer. There really is no better season for fresh, nutritious, and delicious snacking. Try reaching for something healthy when hunger hits between meals. This will keep you feeling healthy and fit. Time to enjoy the sunshine without a rumbling stomach.

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