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Turmeric Power Blend

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Turmeric Power Blend from Total Tonic has all the ingredients to assist you to keep healthy and vibrant. It’s a tonic for the body, mind and soul.

Home made with fresh Australian turmeric & ginger, tamarind, local fresh oranges, local honey and delicious spices.

Take as a morning shot, or throughout the day if you are feeling a little under the weather, run down and in need of a ‘pick me up’. It can be consumed cold or warmed. Full strength or diluted!


🧡 Turmeric: Anti-inflammatory, powerful antioxidant
🧡 Ginger: Assists with digestion, helps fight flu and the common cold.
🧡 Tamarind: Aids with digestion, boosts immunity, eases a sore throat, assists with inflammation
🧡 Honey: Antibacterial, “healing”, helps reduce a cough and throat infection
🧡 Oranges: loaded with vitamin C, full of nutrition. May assist with lowering blood pressure & shortening the duration of a cold.


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