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Turmeric Botanical Tonic

Drink | In stock | kg

Turmeric with wild orange, ginger, black pepper and jujube berries and live vegan cultures

Inspired by traditional ‘Jamu‘ which is a medicinal tonic that has its origins deep in the Indonesian tropics where it has been used for centuries for good health and well being.

Traditionally jamu is made by cooking the ingredients together hence killing all the good living bacteria in the fresh ingredients. They took this ancient healing tonic and reinvented it to be a living natural probiotic drink.

Green Street Kitchen have sourced the best fresh ingredients and then developed unique and punchy flavour profiles. They then wild ferment the brew using naturally occurring lactic bacteria’s in the fresh ingredients and natural sugars to create a botanical tonic range that is like no other.

The botanicals are not kombucha, nor are they juice, It is a unique product that has a wealth of health benefits and is here to shake things up.

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